Holiday Ales and Other Festive Libations

Bald Brewer News!
Edition #1
October 2017

Holiday Ales and Other Festive Libations

The leaves are changing and fall is definitely in the air. It’s time to dust off your
flannel shirts, fire up the stockpot, and start thinking about those amazing
handcrafted concoctions you will proudly present during those special holiday
gatherings with family and friends.

Three Delicious Holiday Ale Ideas:

1) Dark Scottish Strong Ale From Bald Brewer (ABV – 8.8%)
Ingredients (Extract with grains):

7 lbs light liquid malt extract (LME) (add at 20 minutes left in boil)
3 lbs light dry malt extract (DME) (add for full boil, 60 minutes)
1.0 lb. Munich malt
4 oz CaraMunich type I malt
4oz Crystal 120L malt
8 oz black patent malt
1 oz UK Northern Brewer hops (60 min)
1 oz UK Fuggles Hops (5 min)
WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast

*For all-grain version, substitute both the LME & DME with 14 lbs Maris Otter.

2) Smoked Bourbon Vanilla Porter from Bald Brewer (ABV – 7.5%)
Ingredients (Extract with grains):

7 lbs light liquid malt extract (LME)(60 minutes)
1 lb. light dry malt extract (DME)(60 minutes)
8oz Maris Otter Malt
8oz Chocolate Malt
8oz Roasted Barley Malt
4oz English Brown Malt

6oz Beach Smoked Malt
1.5 oz light oak chips (soak in bourbon for 48 hours and add to secondary)
( 2)Vanilla Beans (soak in bourbon for 48 hours and add to secondary)
4oz of your favorite bourbon (Use to soak vanilla and oak and add to secondary)
WLP 013-London Ale Yeast

*For all-grain version, substitute LME & DME with 12 lbs Maris Otter.

3) Hazelnut Brown Ale from Bald Brewer (ABV – 5.5%)
Ingredients (Extract with grains):

7lbs light liquid malt extract (LME)
8 oz Maris Otter
4oz C-75 malt
4oz C-120 malt
4oz Brown malt
2oz Chocolate malt
1oz East Kent Goldings Hops (60)
1oz Halertauer Hops (10)
2-4 oz Natural Hazelnut Flavoring (Add to secondary fermenter)
WLP 002 English Ale Yeast

Other Holiday Libation Idea

Make a flavored port dessert wine!
Start by making a WinExpert Special Dessert Wine Kit (3 gallons) and add natural
flavorings to the secondary fermenter. Let sit an additional 2-4 weeks and enjoy!

When it comes time to savor the fruits of your labor, selecting the right wine glass is paramount to enhancing the overall experience.

A well-chosen glass not only complements the aroma and flavor profile of the wine but also adds an aesthetic touch to the ritual of enjoyment.

For an exquisite selection of wine glasses that caters to both form and function, explore the variety offered by

Their collection includes elegantly designed glasses that are sure to elevate the pleasure of sipping your carefully crafted flavored port dessert wine.

Cheers to the art of winemaking and the joy of indulging in a glass of your own creation!

My personal favorite is the Chocolate Raspberry Port.

Take Care and Happy Fall Season!
Mark, The Bald Brewer.

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