Longmont Times Call, Sunday, April 11, 2010

Excerpt: Miesel calls home-brewing “a never-ending learning process” and said he’s still learning from his customers what they want to see stocked in the store. But his goal is to have a mix of items that will satisfy both the novice and the more experienced brewer…

Longmont Ledger Article

Excerpt: Jenn Rohl bought one of those kits. “I just started winemaking. I’m brand new at it, and I’m excited someone is making the product in the area.” she said. Rohl said Miesel is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable…..”I’m still learning what my customers want. It’s about meeting their needs.” he said.

Vicinity & Beyond

Excerpt: The Bald Brewer didn’t disappoint. Although it’s a tiny building, there are plenty of interesting grains along with some specialty sugars and flavorings that could be very interesting to experiment with. But brewers will find even more, including specialty hops, yeasts, and hardware needed for brewing and bottling.

All About Longmont

Excerpt: The Bald Brewer has a truly impressive array of supplies and equipment for the making of wine, beer, honey mead and soda. Mark stocks 22 varieties of wine kits, from World Vineyard Italian Sangiovese to Vintner’s Reserve.